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Full Version: It's called being burned
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Henryk's comment about not appealing to authority like Terry Tao is misdirection considering his previous issue was the lack of authority in my postings. Henryk decided to play the "that's mathematically insignificant card" regarding a math posting Terry Tao joined in on. I am amazed that anyone could find this not ironic. 

Henryk, what happened to you is called "being burned" or been "pwned". Further demonstrations will be provided as needed. Basically, I can deconstruct the hidden motives people have, line by line, everything an opponent wishes to throw at me. Given your actions it never occurred to me that you were operating as a servant of Truth. Henryk, you have claimed that Truth is important to you. Truth isn't always easy to support. Sometimes you have to take a hit rather than descending into obvious bullshit.