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Full Version: [YT] One parameter groups of transformations, vector fields and differential operator
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Daniel Chan Maths - 1-parameters groups and vector fields

I bring to the forum the last vid of Prof. Daniel Chan's (UNSW, Sydney, Australia) amazing channel.
I just leave here as bookmark an interesting lesson on this topic. Maybe this material is know to everyone hereĀ  but I hope it will be an useful resource for future users.
It was enlightening for me for sure, since it touches alot of recent discussion in a more unified and standard way.
God, I hate real-analysis; and vector space mumbo jumbo. That's why I invented the compositional integral. Always nice to see the equivalent structure though. But all I felt through that video was: everything should be holomorphic and in ; lol. And! it should be non-abelian not .

Good video though.

Regards, James.