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Full Version: Can I *update* existing attachments with newer versions?
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Can I *update* existing attachments with newer versions?       
Here I don't mean to "remove attachment in a post" and then "insert a new one" : that would mean to change the *internal* attachment-index, and in other postings, which refer to the same attachment would be lead into nothingness. (At least that is what I assume would happen).  

Do I have a page in our forum where I see a list of all my attachments, then can click at one and can update the underlying file? (I only found a page where I can *delete* attachments so far; but inserting a new one after that wouldn't update the references in my other posts - I think).

I wanted the same thing, but I could never figure out how. I always end up deleting old uploaded files and attaching a new one Undecided . I know that's not what you want though.