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Full Version: Paper with iteration intro
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I wrote this for a research prize at my school, but it didn't happen, so posting it here. It has a really nice introduction on analytic iteration, so it might also be appropriate for the faq/ref... Let me know what you think.

Andrew Robbins
How did you number your theorems?
(05/03/2009, 09:40 AM)bo198214 Wrote: [ -> ]How did you number your theorems?

It was automatic, they were numbered by the "amsart" LaTeX template. It appears to be numbered along with everything else. Like Definition 3, Equation 4, Theorem 5, Lemma 6, etc.
I think its a good article with comprehensive references,
though I miss a bit the punch of a message or focus.
Yes, I started with 5 formulas and built it from there. You're right though, I did a bad job of connecting them. Maybe next time I should have more focus.