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Full Version: intuitive slog base sqrt(2) developed between 2 and 4
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Playing somewhat more with the grand unity conjecture, I developed the islog at e.
(A short description of that means can you find in the same thread here.)

We know that the regular super-exponentials at both fixed points 2 and 4 are different, though have only a very small deviation on the real axis (see here the green curve.)

And indeed the intuitive slog is developable between 2 and 4 (here done at e) and gives there a curve which is similar to (both) the regular superexponential(s) (but of course mirrored at y=x).

This is the real number plot between 2 and 4, with additive constant such that slog(e)=0:


Is it equal to the regular iteration at 2 or to the regular iteration at 4?
Or is it something in between?
Oh well and for completion the islog base sqrt(2) developed above 4, namely at 5.