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Full Version: our beloved automated participiants....
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As you may have observed, we have attracted some automated participiants lastly.
I couldn't imagine, what is the benefit for that authors - they spam us with msgs, which are not yet obviously advertizing. Today I found some interesting discussion in a forum, which may enlighten us in this regard. I converted it to a short form and pdf-format.
While the arguments in that discussion seem nearly sufficient for an explanation of that disgusting phenomen, I'm still suspicious, whether there may be other interests, possibly activated at a later time (B.ot-n.ets etc), but this may be subject of further discussion, not necessarily in our individual forum.

If someone else is able to detect such fake-memberships in our forum, I'd like to propose to open some list. What I did so far was to google for pseudos - if you find 200 forums having the same pseudo, all joined the same day, then very likely that one should be a fake. Also we had some msg's recently with typically vague formulations, valid for any forum ("whea, I like good discussions") If such phrases extend with some more typical wording, one can find such phrases via google. If this identifies another some dozen identically worded msgs, we've likely got another fake.

Here is the pdf of the forum-discussion :[attachment=688]

Hey Gottfried, thank you for the interesting thread.

I just installed the Akismet plugin, it should automatically ban a user after a spam post.
Lets see whether/how it works.

I think the missing advertising link in the bot's signature/profile/post is just a technical difficulty in the software. Particularly as I disabled html/links in the signatures.

However one strategy may be to accumulate lots of users with unsuspicious profiles and later put lots of advertising into the profile (which nobody would notice).
google: "profile of bradstyris" forum joined

>20 entries in the last few days

search google for
ryma 1fatloss.info
(taken from his home-page-entry in our profile)
4 (seemingly random) forums, what's going on?

search google for

"MarisaLla" "profile"

Registrations in 200+ forums in a couple of days from end of november only on my first results-pages. Google reports 3800 hits... This pupil seems to be *really* interested in everything...