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Unfortunately I will not participating in forum discussions until next Thursday 27th September. (Disputation preparation)
Hi bo!

We are all with you. Take it easy! All the best to the Administrator!

Hey, thank you. I will give my best!
So, i am back as a PhD Smile
bo198214 Wrote:So, i am back as a PhD Smile


Also I was beginning to miss the initiator of this forum... Nice, to read something from you.

I am away for another week till 23. Oct.
So behave well Wink and dont stop discussing interesting topics.
I shall be absent until Nov. 25th. See you soon.

So guys, I will be absent again; for a long time, 2 months till 20th Jan 2008, visiting Singapore and Australia.
Hopefully not completely absent but at least with quite reduced activity.
Keep the forum rocking! Wink
Well, I'm expecting my third child in the next week or two, so I'll need to spend a lot less time engaging in higher intellectual pursuits. I'll probably stop in a few times a week, but my research will largely be on hold for the next month or two.
jaydfox Wrote:Well, I'm expecting my third child in the next week or two, ...

Congratulations! Wish you all the best with your little rascals Wink
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