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Full Version: [Exercise] A deal of Uniqueness-critrion:Gamma-functionas iteration
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I considered the iteration of the multiplication in the sense of the interpolation of the factorial. I adapted the idea of a truncation of a matrixoperator in the same way as Andy has described it with his slog-solution. The occuring powerseries are "automatically" that of the gamma/lngamma-function - it seems, that method provides a proper "uniqueness-criterion" implicitely (that's then also a backup for the possible justifications of Andy's method).

When I stuck at a certain problem I discussed this in the math.SE-forum, see the link here: math.stackexchange.com

I'll also put my results in my text on Uncompleting the Gamma (PDF) which I'll upload here if I'm finished as update of the provisorical chapter 4.