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Full Version: (Ext) Occurences ofTetrationals in other number-theoretical articles
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Found this occurence of iterated logarithm in a discussion of a problem of S.Pillai (1936), see Discussion of a function considered by Pillai


[update]: I changed the title to make visible in the thread list, that this is just a reference to "outside" (of the forum) material
Unfortunately it contains at least 3 errors.

And the way to arrive at iteration of logs is hardly " surprising ".

Considering it only has about 6 pages without title and references and those 2 mistakes make me suspiscious , so , i dare to say i doubt the results and also if this is a good advocate for tetration.

In fact 2 errors are quite easy to find and dont require a mathematician.

I do not wish to insult the author but i have to defend the truth , honor and reputation of math and tetration.