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Dear sirs!
I apologize for a primitive question, but is there Taylor's decomposition or by exponents for a superfactorial?Huh
Couldn't You give the reference, send information about it on my mail or explain it at a forum?

Many thanks!Blush

R. Vorobyov.
(02/21/2012, 10:18 PM)rvorobyov Wrote: [ -> ].. is there Taylor's decomposition or by exponents for a superfactorial?..
<s>The coefficients of the Taylor expansion are suggested in Citizendium, http://en.citizendium.org/wiki/Tetration
P.S. Oops.. Sorry, I confused with Tetration.
The coefficients of decomposition of Superfactorial by the exponentials are described at http://tori.ils.uec.ac.jp/TORI/index.php..._iteration
P.P.S. I just loaded the routine http://tori.ils.uec.ac.jp/TORI/index.php...torial.cin
You may use it "as is" with C++ or to extract the coefficients, or to translate into another language. The routine is primitive; so, it is easy to strip it.