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Full Version: Bundle equations for bases > 2
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Currently im considering bases > 2.
I just write exp ignoring the base in notation.

A bundle is a partition of a subset of the complex plane by continu functions that can be ordered.

Consider the bundle ;

Exp^[y](x) for real x and 0 < y < 1
d/dx exp^[y](x) > 0
d^2/d^2x exp^[y](x) > 0
Exp^[y](x) is real-analytic in x.

This bundle is not Unique by those conditions.

The question is , is it Unique by adding ;

Exp^[1/2](- oo ) = c
d/dx exp^[y](1-x) = 1 for 0 < x < 1/2.


Existance and uniqueness questions as usual.