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RE: Super-root 3 - andydude - 01/19/2016

(01/18/2016, 05:28 AM)andydude Wrote:
(01/18/2016, 02:40 AM)sheldonison Wrote: Very nice. When I have lots of time I'll need to switch over from pari-gp to Sage, and borrow your contour plot script. Being able to create a PDF would also be very nice.

From what I hear, you can use pari/gp from Sage. I tried
pari("\r kneser")
from sage, to try and use your code, but it didn't work, probably because I was in the wrong directory, but I couldn't figure it out. Maybe you can get it to work, but I couldn't.

I'm slow, as usual, I got it working with 3 lines of code in Sage:
but it requires that some of your semicolons are removed.