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How fast does this grow ?? - tommy1729 - 11/13/2017


In this link Mick considered something I talked about many years ago on sci.math.
( I assume I never mentioned it here before )

I made a conjecture there.

But I wonder If we can do better After all of those years.

Or If any of you know a good paper about it.

Considering Its growing speed and intruiging functional equations , I considered it worthy to be at the tetration forum.

Although I may have been the first to post it on sci.math , there is at least one person who considered it earlier or independent of me , as shown by this paper :

Jeff Erickson


Btw confirming Micks value.

I was not able to Find the exact sci.math links.

Just a guess but is this related to NEPT and NOPT structures mentioned by Some hereĀ  ?


What field of math is this anyways ? Combinatorics ???


Now apart from the intresting things above , variations could be intresting too.



Ps : Thanks to Ed Pegg for putting it on his site. ( Jeffs pdf )