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Connecting to Wolfram - Daniel - 07/20/2019

Henryk tried to burn me for mentioning Stephen Wolfram. Well, Wolfram has been a far better connection for me than Henryk. And Wolfram's insight into things transcends Henryk's. While Henryk complains about not having a copy of Mathematica, I am working with a free copy of Mathematica that Wolfram gave to me. I understand that he just added a cloud-based version of Mathematica for developers. Wolfram has offered me a slot as an educator in his summer school. I'm trying to drum up corporate interest for a Tetration event with money for traveling, food, and lodging. I think Wolfram is not only a great ally for me, but he is also a great person for anyone on this forum to be connected to.
By the way, Wolfram's Nerd Factor is . My conversations with Wolfram are unique in my life.