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Updating Tetration.org - Daniel - 08/17/2022

Howdy, the information I am learning here reveals that my website Tetration.org is woefully out of date. While I like the research I've done, I'm not feeling like much of an expert on tetration. But I do have time for writing, so what are peoples thoughts on updating sites like Tetration.org and the Tetration Forum Wiki in a transparent, cordial and collaborative manner? I obviously can't use information from the Tetration Forum without it being fully attributed.

RE: Updating Tetration.org - JmsNxn - 08/17/2022

If you manage to contact Kouznetsov; you can find he made a similar Wiki for all of his ideas. And it's very similar to the tetration wiki we have here; but slightly different. I can troll my emails to find the link to it; pm me if it interests you. I think that would be a good jumping off point.

I think this is a good idea. But I don't really have the time to work on anything like this.

RE: Updating Tetration.org - Daniel - 08/17/2022

I have begun editing the main page of Tetration.org to provide a more expansive view of tetration including a thanks to members of this forum for their technical background.