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Poll: hyper-operations terminology - Base-Acid Tetration - 08/12/2009

You may vote only once. note that (greek prefix)-ation and (greek prefix)-ational will still be alternative terms for the operation and the hyper-n-exponential function respectively.
"just the number" means just saying 4(four)-power, 4-exponential, etc. (no tetra-, etc.)

Pick the one that you think is the best. If you don't care about this issue, PLEASE don't vote.

RE: Poll: hyper-operations terminology - Base-Acid Tetration - 08/19/2009

BE IT RESOLVED, that the function x[n]a, be known as the a-th (Greek prefix for n)-power; the inverse thereof, the a-th (Greek prefix for n)-root; the function a[n]x, the base-a (Greek prefix for n)-exponential, or (Greek prefix for n)-ational; the inverse thereof, the base a-(Greek prefix for n)-logarithm. One may substitute the Arabic numbers for greek prefixes.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that such functions in arbitrary n be called: (in the order mentioned above) the a-th n-power; the a-th n-root; the base-a n-exponential; the base-a n-logarithm.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that an n-exponential may be called the (n-1)-ational-exponential; an n-logarithm, the (n-1)-ational-logarithm.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that calling the hena-exponential/power “addition”; the hena-logarithm/root, “subtraction”; the di-exponential/power, “multiplication”; the di-root/logarithm, “division”; the tri-exponential, "exponential"; the tri-logarithm, "logarithm"; the tetra-exponential, the "super-exponential"; or the tetra-logarithm, the "super-logarithm"; and other such vices traditions, are capital offenses that will lead to the electronic decapitation of the offender be respected.

SIGNED, (sign by posting a signature thread)

RE: Poll: hyper-operations terminology - andydude - 08/22/2009

I don't want to be electronically decapitated.

RE: Poll: hyper-operations terminology - Base-Acid Tetration - 08/22/2009

what? you think your flesh-and blood head will be cut off by a hodge podge of electronic equipments?

i meant being bannedd from this forums,

and i was just kidding. i crossed the electronic decapitation thing out.