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Tetrate fractals - 73939 - 07/02/2010

I was wondering if anyone had done any reasearch on fractals of the form [Image: ztozn.jpg]. As you can see, it's similar to the Mandelbrot set, but the operators have been raised a level. Using Chaos Pro, I've gathered the following images for n=2, and later I'll go back for other n.
[Image: 21.jpg]
[Image: 22.jpg]
[Image: 23.jpg]
It seems like something similar to the hyperpower fractal, but here you can see the "leaves" appear to stick out from beneath the mess...
[Image: 24.jpg]
[Image: 25.jpg]
The above mess seems to have no pattern whatsoever, but you look closely, you'll see little blobs like this:
[Image: 26.jpg]

Also, when generating higher values of n, keep in mind that you must change the perturbation point to 1, otherwise you'll get a whole lot of black.