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Could someone look at OEIS-Wiki:tetration ? - Gottfried - 06/09/2011

As a subscriber of the seqfan-mailinglist I felt obliged to contribute an entry on tetration for their new OEIS-wiki. It's still a draft, and focused for the members of that "community". I tried to be as concise as possible and to refer to the "big picture" anyway. So it is always the best option to have a serious and reliable feeling for the substantial milestones in the development of a field - and for that, which is/will come out later as too technical and specific and thus neglectable in the case of giving an introduction/overview.

Thus I'd like if someone with a preference to a similar view could look at it and possibly help to improve. I've also not yet supplied references/literature even for the keypoints/milestones (as far as I can talk about them at all) - I think this work can be done when that selection of keypoints is somehow stable...

OEIS-Wiki: tetration


RE: Could someone look at OEIS-Wiki:tetration ? - Gottfried - 06/11/2011

Well, I think I'll retract my call to kindly crosscheck that article.
It's going to become somehow monstrous in my view and losing its introductory/condensed character due to the more involved editors of the wiki - a direction of change which I wouldn't intend for the expected readers of the OEIS-wiki. So I'll leave that baby to the mamas who are naturally much more involved and let give'm their specific milk... ;-)

Maybe, the moderator might delete this whole thread later...