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NOTICE!! For tommy1729
(10/19/2015, 11:22 PM)nuninho1980 Wrote: Ok. But... you should put here the "nice" LaTeX (formula, equation...) for better understand and easier.

--> I want about tetration with height h<1 and b<1 to evaluate results. eg:

But... until now, yet it's unknown... Sad

My favorites - my threads: Big Grin
- ""game" - to calculate 1.00...001 ^^ 0.5 = ?"
- "Pentation roots self but please you do..."

Euler's number -
Nuninho(?)'s number - ^^^
Big Grin

Are you interested that? Wink

I know i should use more Tex.
I have already apologized in the past for that.
The thing is , despite posting alot and Maybe giving the impression i have a lot of time , i do not have much time.
On the one hand blame society for forcing me to think about money and stuff.
On the other hand i post at other places too and do Some research in alot of fields of science ( analytic number theory , bio , nano , Cosmo , physics etc ) and I play/research games like chess , go and others.
Combining with a social life , work , martial arts , gaming and philosofical Ideas ... And being sick at the moment ... You should get a better idea how " short " my day is.

Im both a narcist and a perfectionist , An enthusiast and a skeptic.
The combination of those 4 keeps me going on and pushing myself relentless.

And it probably confused many people about the true nature of my personality.



At the fixpoint you have a negative derivative, therefore it is similar to asking

F(f(x)) = - 2 x + 0,1 x^2.

So f(x) near 0 will be close to sqrt(2) i x.

If you loose the propery of real , add no conditions or properties ( uniqueness criterion or such ) and do not give a (nice) example yourself ... Then it makes sense many people loose interest in it.
People want properties and structure !

Your Ideas did get attention , perhaps not as much as you hoped.

Imho a better idea is the nuninho constants and the alike.
Actually i posted a conjecture in the TPID list ( open problems thread ) about them.
So also there you received attention.

So yes I and others are intrested in that.

However there is no reason to ask anyone here to stop posting.
In particular tommy1729.

And it not so much how i feel about it.

But how it makes me look on the internet.
It gives a bad impression about me and perhaps even the forum/tetration.

Compare if Euler, Newton , Laplace , LaGrange , Gauss , Weierstrass and Cauchy got ridiculed alot and been asked to stop writing , history would have been very different !!
Some of those where a bit weird , arrogant etc but that is irrelevant.

Also , and yes im aware im not alone , but i do all the contributions for free and offer my time.
Im not just talking to myself , so asking to stop posting ON MAIN ( gives it extra weight and attention ) is impolite and rude. And you know that.

It reminds me a bit of Ullrich and this thread

About Arthur Rubin.

Anyway we are suppose to be Friends here and all this unnessary sentiment seems like a waste of time for everyone.

Keeping us away from doing math.

[ i find it weird that gottfried knows arthur and thanks HIM for ... Something ?! , anyway respect for Gottfried though ]

Although I am often remembered as the one who started the sentiment, as you can see in this thread I did not. [ neither on sci.math / wiki / MO etc ].

I do admit disliking people for " nonscientific " reasons , but only if they get personal first and impolite , and refuse too talk about math or whatever the subject WAS.



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