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Operational iteration
In my view, the composition and iteration are in very friendly relationship... why? Because
Let O be an iteratable operator, let y be a constant and x be a variable. Thus
y O y O ... O y = (y O x)^o(x-1) o N = y O^It x
If O is addition, O^It is multiplication and so on.
But what is N? Well, N is the so-called Neutral number for the operator O, which can be 0 for addition, 1 for multiplication and its iterateds, x for composition, 1 for functional power and its iterateds etc...
So it can be a formula for iteration, but how to repeat ("iterate")? It is iterated iteration...  Big Grin or the correct expression: repeated iteration.
I am interested in this equation:
( (y O x)^o(x-1) o N )^z = y O^(Iterated z times) x
How can we use it? And am I right with these expressions?
Xorter Unizo

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