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Math overflow question on fractional exponential iterations
Dmytro Taranovsky asks in his post, ... "
... Let a and b be real numbers above e^{1/e}, and c<d be real numbers.  Do we have 

... The relation with this question is that if the above limit holds, it gives evidence that fractional exponentiation provides a natural growth rate intermediate between (essentially) quasipolynomial and quasiexponential. 

This question seems to have lots of room for discussion so I thought I would post it here.  Here are my conjectures related to this question.

(1) If you use Peter Walker's Tetration solution appropriately extended to all real bases > exp(1/e), then my conjecture is that the limit holds.  Unfortunately, Peter Walker's solution is also conjectured to be nowhere analytic; see:

(2) That for Kneser's solution, there are counter examples and the limit does not hold, even with the restriction that c<d, even with the additional restrictions that a<b, there are cases where x is arbitrarily large and

(3) Given any analytic solution for base(a), then if we desire a tetration solution for base(b) which has the desired property then I conjecture that the tetration base b is nowhere analytic!  The conjecture is also that the slog for b would be given by a modification of Peter Walker's h function.
- Sheldon

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Math overflow question on fractional exponential iterations - by sheldonison - 03/28/2018, 07:57 PM

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