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Isomorphism of newtonian calculus rules for Non-Newtonian (anti)derivatives of hypers
Hi Again Jay, 
    sorry for the quick double post,  after reading through your derivation I believe that I agree with you, the problem is that the log and the exponential cannot cancel because there a limit in the middle of them that we cannot work out.  I would suspect that your conjecture about the relationship between the super-log derivative and the tetration derivative that is expressed in (4) is true, but would need to really consider what the super-log derivative would look like (I haven't spent as much time with these logarithmic derivatives which are also very cool).

Thanks again, 

PS - I also made a post about some work with a theoretical probability distribution defined by the tetration operator on my that you may find interesting to skim if you have the time, there is a mistake in the generalized formula for the generic probability distribution function in my post though I bet you could spot it - I noticed it a few days ago and will update it soon

PPS - I am not aware of the etiquette for posting links to outside sites here on Tetration forum, and hope that this is appropriate (I will gladly edit this post if it is not).

PPPS - Does anyone know what the deal is with the neomaths ankh forum advertisement in the Banner? I tried visiting that forum a week or so back, and noticed that there are very few users or posts, far fewer than there are on this site.

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RE: Isomorphism of newtonian calculus rules for Non-Newtonian (anti)derivatives of hypers - by Micah - 03/02/2019, 08:23 PM

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