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Infinite tetration giving I*Omega costant=I*0.567143...
Ivars Wrote:
Quote: one can see numerically that in the limit for some constant .

As far as I did it (1850 terms), nothing is constant-You mean you replaced small difference of sin from -1 with an argument?
But as sin argument nears n*(3pi/2), can You do it?

As I see it since teta(n+1)-teta(n) = 1 when n-> infinity, there shall be no differences between teta(n) and n integer part.

There can not be one also in reals, since limit n->infinity is 1.

So this constant seems suspicious to me-or may be I misunderstood something.

Whats not clear about this?
Just compute with . You see numerically that and that means that in the limit.

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