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Generalized Kneser superfunction trick (the iterated limit definition)
(01/24/2021, 09:04 PM)MphLee Wrote: ps: why do you use the bullet as composition (instead of \circ)?

I use a bullet because I think of it as a product. And it's not exactly the same thing as . The bullet acts as a binding variable; so we bound the variable to . Then, once we've binded it; we can perform group operations (key word group; composition (as said with ) is not necessarily a group).

If I were to write;

It's not entirely obvious that we are, first of all binding to the integral; and second of all that we are in a group structure. The bullet looks more like multiplication; and its a novel symbol in this scenario; so we don't run into a problem with overriding a symbol that we already use a lot.

It's largely an issue with novelty and precision. And trying to hammer home that it means something different than composition; it's composition restricted to a group structure.

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