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Composition, bullet notation and the general role of categories
(02/02/2021, 01:44 AM)MphLee Wrote: This follows from the discussion held at: MphLee, Generalized Kneser superfunction trick (the iterated limit definition), (January 21, 2021), Tetration Forum.

Wtf is that nonsense? lol

What nonsense is this? It's abstract nonsense!

Hey, Mphlee. I absolutely agree with you, but I think you misread me. I write,

To make it distinct. Which inherently also means as you say it. I was mostly just making an argument against using . Whereas, someone sees that with circ and thinks it an abuse of notation; whereas with a bullet, itis given this meaning. On top of that, now we can look at, a sequence of forms (don't worry, I don't use forms, it's mostly just a comparison of notation) and we can attach an operator/functor to them, . I just really don't like the use of notationally/typographically. I believe it would warrant confusion. But I'm so happy that you see the categorical structure. Again, I had help by someone really smart in designing this notation...<_<

EDIT: Oh and I look forward to reading the PDF!

I was also suggested but it was agreed bullet is much better. This one is a bit toooo categorical, If you know what I mean.


looks fucking awful, eh?

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