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Creating Hue Plots in Pari-GP
I've e-mailed sheldonison, but I'm getting the feeling he's super busy. I've scoured throughout the internet looking for help on this. I asked a question on stackoverflow. And now I'm asking this question here.

How do you plot complex valued functions in Pari-GP? Particularly; I mean, how do you create hue plots using Pari-GP? Is there something stupid I'm missing here?

I've got my Pari-gp code as good as I can get it at this point (there are still some jumps which occur because Pari is always choosing the principal branch; but in limited cases everything is working).

Do I make an array of values and use the colour plot function somehow? I'm fairly confused. I'm just wondering how Sheldon produces his graphs in Pari; and I feel I'm missing something stupid..?

Any help is greatly appreciated...

All of this is reminding me of why I dropped my major from computer science years ago. I god damn hate coding (unless it's theory, of course).

Regards, James

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Creating Hue Plots in Pari-GP - by JmsNxn - 05/12/2021, 04:31 AM
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