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Statement about our current stage of findings?
Well, my intention is simply to reflect, to give an overview where "we are", "what we have" after several monthes of intense experimentation and discussion. Is it already worth to communicate this to the wider open? Meanwhile, it came to my mind to focus on an "open workshop" or conference (online or at a university) to present and discuss our findings and open problems, which show up to be the problems at core - something like that.

I'd also appreciate to systematize the faq and a ref in Andrew's style.

With the matrix method
andydude Wrote:I am still having difficulty with the regular/matrix approaches. I have read Gottfried's approach many times, and each time I understand a little bit more, but I must admit that I find Aldrovandi's discussion of matrices seem to be much more understandable.
- well, as I understood, it is only a transposed version of the widespread diagonalization methods; just basic matrix-algebra. For the integer case powers of matrices as notation for operations on the powerseries, which are needed to describe higher iterations. I always say "my matrix method" because I saw functional-entries in matrices, when discussed in connection with Bell/Carleman-entries and I was/am not 100% sure, whether I got that functional entries right and whether they in fact reflect the same things as in my matrices. But as Henryk pointed out several times, I just implemented regular iteration on powerseries-based functions.

If participants are ready to engage with some time, I could imagine to install a tetration-forum-matrix-workshop to explain the basic matrix-operations in specific questions and answers, although there is nothing special in here.
Gottfried Helms, Kassel

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