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The beta method thesis
I was just playing metroid dread, because you made playing elden ring sound so perfect.

I agree entirely with every point you've said. But, each of my results are very unconventional. I called a program and ran a graph about 4 hours ago, and now I have the graph of \(\mu = - e\). Let \(\lambda = 1\):


But I really want to add, the program is not as true as the thesis. You have to massage the code sometimes, and the only way to massage the code, is if you are doing the math. And the math is in the 100 or so pages of the thesis. The code is all good and all, but its exactly coded like the THIRD asymptotic theorem. Nonetheless, this is a tetration holomorphic on \(\mathbb{C}\) upto a measure zero set in \(\mathbb{R}^2\).

I wish I could explain it better Ember, but I can't. You just have to read the thesis in more detail.

PLUS I am running graphing protocols for the area you just suggested. Stay tuned for updates.

Quote:2. If a base happens to be in the S-T region, then,   

u = exp(2*Pi*I/period); 

t = exp(u);

base = exp(u/t);

I can't understand why you wrote Is_Shell_Thron() in such a complicated way...

Honestly.... I've never seen that before. That definitely saves time, jesus christ. But I still need a way of getting the fixedpoint or the period, and Is Shell Thron is a quick lazy way to get that. Given: \(\log(2)/2\) I still need a way to find that the period is \(2\pi i/\log\log(2)\)...

I guess I could write a protocol if its in the interior of the jordan curve \(e^{i\phi-e^{i\phi}}\), it's in Shell Thron, but then I'd have to run Lambert-W function protocol to get the fixed point. Honestly sounds like more work. I write everything using recursion, rofl, and I like it that way cause so much extra stuff gets involved otherwise.

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