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Physical model of (infinite) tetration=(NON-isotropic) turbulence
I will give it a try:

Let us take first order homogenous delay differential equation without dependence of derivative of solution on at the same moment of time :

Here T is delay, which shows how values of solution T moments in past ( or future if T<0) impact derivative of solution at current moment .

Let us introduce new function such that :


As is known from literature, solution of such delay equation is given by :


Where is a k-th branch of Lambert W function.

To reach the solution I am looking for, of form:

Coefficients have to be:


This can be expressed as infinite product, with each term of sum as exponent of one multiplier in this infinite product.

From here, obviously:


Now if we look back to original delay equation, this means that solution of a form:

is one of particular solutions corresponding to particular branch of W function of a homogenous logarithmic first order differential equation with IMAGINARY DELAY .

corresponds to Imaginary delay .

We can generalize this to imaginary delay . (Not sure if + sign is OK).

Then we have particular solutions of :

In form:


I hope there are not too many mistakesSad

I think I could not choose coefficients so arbitrary, it must have an impact on initial conditions or so called preshape function for times which I do not know how to calculate.

Next question is how these logarithmic differential delay equations (and thus processes they represent) with imaginary delay have to be nested to produce tetration and , perhaps, turbulence. In case of turbulence, the statistical character of processes will have to be added, somewhere, so that we deal with mean values , distributions and structure functions. (probably, In projective space as that is the space of turbulent time).

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