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A note on computation of the slog
(07/10/2010, 12:12 PM)bo198214 Wrote: @Gottfried:
Be aware that not (C-I) (or its transpose) is inverted but (C-I) with the first row (or column) removed!

Yes, I'm aware of this, thanks!
And -informally speaking - the inverse operation of the "removal of the 'counting'-column" is the operation of "creation of a 'counting'-column"; which gives the iteration height in terms of counting of units and even extended to fractional numbers of iterations. Not only is it interesting that such a thing is possible given a set of columns in the Carlemann/Bell-matrix (matrix-operator) and I think, that this idea extends/generalizes to other iterational problems. I'd like to see some formula more focused on this, possibly without the overhead of an inversion of an infinite square-matrix and its difficult implications...

Gottfried Helms, Kassel

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