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Cheta with base-change: preliminary results
(08/11/2009, 06:45 PM)bo198214 Wrote:
(08/11/2009, 05:16 PM)jaydfox Wrote: Well, in order to find complex values, I decided there are two equally valid approaches. One is to create a very small (as in spacing) one-dimensional grid of points, with which one can approximate derivatives and hence create a power series expansion at a given real point. From there, one can then find complex iterations.

So the way you explained to Sheldon - counting how often the exp winds around 0 and applying the corresponding branch logarithm - does not turn out to be useful?
Well, useful in a theoretical sense, I'm sure, but in practice, the number of windings quickly becomes super-exponential! (Gee, I didn't see that coming... Wink ) So from a practical standpoint, keeping track of windings probably is not very useful. But, I can certainly give it a try and see what happens!

Er, after I exhaust the current approach I'm following... I'm so far only using about 200 MB of RAM, and I have about 1.2 GB to work with (new machine, not as much RAM), so I think I can get at least 256 terms, more if I can get away with using a larger grid spacing without sacrificing too much accuracy.
~ Jay Daniel Fox

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