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trouble? was: Iteration exercises: f(x)=x^2 - 0.5 ; Fixpoint-irritation...
(06/06/2011, 10:18 PM)tommy1729 Wrote:
(06/06/2011, 12:47 PM)Gottfried Wrote: Thank you for the double exclamation. They don't introduce a determinant of an infinite sized matrix but make much noise, which I do not like as you know from earlier conversations of mine in sci.math. So I'll stop that small conversation on your postings here as I don't have to say much more relevant at the moment for the other occasional and interested reader.


? do you feel insulted ? are you angry at me ? what earlier conversations on sci.math ? did we have a fight at sci.math ?

you seem annoyed , i did not intend to bother you.

Moderators note: This is now something for the community thread

Hmmm, that Henryk's move gives my answer now a weight which I just didn't intend. Well I'll do my best to clear things up without weighting it now even more.

@tommy : no we did not have a fight at sci.math - I'm even not interested in such fights which we can continuously observe there (or in which we can engage for no cost and reputation, if we like). I like to calmly and serene consider mathematical problems, structures, discoveries and beauties. Any loud socializing or even antisocializing attitude displeases me there - since my youth days through my student's and then professional's time I always was a nightly worker/thinker: the world around me sleeps and I can consider and meditate in quietness and in any depth that I like.

The conversation in sci.math (~2007(?)) I was loosely referring to, was, that I told you, that I was focused on a very difficult question (my first contact with the question of iterate exponentiation) and I disliked any defocusing, obfuscating and distracting behave: I said, that for successfully hunting, after some serious guess for the general direction, you must concentrate on one track, and that I were sceptical, that with your way of thinking, writing and alarming the world, you would ever achieve much.
And that I wouldn't like to accompany your way or be accompanied by such a behave - thus avoiding to escalate to "fights"; that this was not unwise one could see if one has counted the frequent quarrels popping up in sci.math. (and in wikipedia and even here in the forum)

So to come back to the current thread: in the very difficult problem of how to "normalize" the matrix-method for the alternating iterations series to get meaningful results: been confronted with an arbitrary/at most loosely related topic like determinants (of which a form for infinite matrices is not commonly defined - if at all) in the style of keyword-calling and on the other hand that well-known double-exclamation I have to decide, which I give more weight on the first glance: the unsafe relevance of a loosely thrown topic or the well-known behave of being loud - the latter helped for the decision. (That's the reason why I said "thanks": because it helped...)


@All: there are some more aspects why I don't like to interfere with "tommy1729" and older pseudonyms ("amy666", as far as I remember) - in the internet many many and much different personalities meet - nobody would care to talk with everyone, as well as to detail it out if not.

One last remark, only meant to stir a bit an often surfaced thing (as I assume: a usenetwidespread communication/thinking paradigm): it does not need "fighting" to cause non-conversation, sometimes it is simply disinterest, sometimes awaiting, sometimes other simple reasons, even positive(!) ones. It would show sort of emotional poverty if "fighting" was the sole thinkable affect,- and if it shows up as first/main assumption one might attribute this as: "consequently" ... (But let it be good for now, the last move was somehow a bit of sarcasm...)

Gottfried Helms, Kassel

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