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trouble? was: Iteration exercises: f(x)=x^2 - 0.5 ; Fixpoint-irritation...
i always supported gottried both in this forum and in sci.math.

"!!" does not mean im yelling , loud , "defocusing, obfuscating and distracting behave" ," alarming the world " or not thinking in the correct way.

describing me like that is not very flattering.

the " fights " i had were usually caused by other people being oversensitive or belittling and insulting me.

and often dishonest ppl as one can witness here on the wiki-discussion ( i gave evidence ).

i remember being at sci.math

if i gave a proof , it was called either trivial or unclear.

if i had an idea , it was called stupid.

if i had a conjecture , it was called useless.

if i posted about numbertheory or tetration i got either ignored or insulted.

not to mention posters like musatov , inverse19 or neilist.

i even got into fights about spelling , they then would insult me and stalk me in the new threads that followed.

some ppl pointed out some mistakes i made , but could not handle it if i pointed out theirs.

and worse , those nonflattering things always occur up first on search engines rather than mathematics.

every long thread on sci.math has fights !

every short thread is somewhat ignored !

all i intended to do on wiki is add my 2sinh method.

one can argue that others ppl method deserves to be on that page too.

but i dont prevent or disagree with that.

( i tried to modify other pages too , similar fights )

i was dissapointed by wiki and sci.math so i came to this forum WHERE I BELONG.

i respect everyone and get some respect back.

judging me on sci.math is silly , most of those ppl would not even exist on a MODERATED FORUM for obvious reasons.

if you are angry at someone just because he had a few fights on sci.math WAY BACK IN 2007 WITH OTHER PPL (!) or if he mentions DETERMINANTS WICH ARE ALWAYS RELEVANT IN MATRIX DISCUSSIONS , i find that somewhat ... emotionally unstable.

going back to 2007 is imho far fetched.

i never had a fight with you on sci.math and im pretty sure that if your already offended with in your opinion unrelated determinants , then -by god - the name-calling i had to read in sci.math would have upset you too ! ... you already admitted you dont like sci.math behaviour btw.

i hope you are not suggesting that all fights on sci.math were my own responsibility ?

some ppl actually left sci.math because they disagreed with the way posters replied to me.

( e.g. galathaea )

i dont know what sci.math has to do with this forum anyways.

i havent had any fight in this forum since i registered in may 2009 , you had to look in 2007 or longer ago in sci.math.

the fact that i did not have any fights since may 2009 shows that , when surrounded by polite ppl rather then sci.math ppl , i am myself polite and getting along with all of you.

i wished you good health when you were ill and i invited you ( all members ) to a tetration meeting at my expense and welcomed you back after your absense.

maybe you were frustrated about me saying things without formal proof , but lets face it , there are many things about tetration that have no formal proof yet and not every post contains a proof to say the least.

you can disagree with my view about determinant but i see no reason to fight.

and i certainly did not start a fight by mentioning determinant , i was trying to help !

im kind a dissapointed that after all those years , you act like this.

thanks a lot


edit : have to say that some ppl on sci.math are ( most of the time ) polite helpfull mathematicians , in particular robert israel.

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