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trouble? was: Iteration exercises: f(x)=x^2 - 0.5 ; Fixpoint-irritation...
i do not force anyone.

imho my reply was relevant and not just keywords and rather underrated.

i had no formal proof so you dont have to agree with me , but do not be amazed if i turn out to be correct ; math is not subjective.... and then how would you feel ?

bo says i need to respect ppl if they do not want to consider my idea.

i never forced anyone to do so , and i did respect everyone.

but frankly , replying hostile to someones idea and effort to help does not appeal respectful to me.

bacause of the hostility and disintrest in my idea i refuse to elaborate further , also because i have other math intrests that are urgent , my apologies to the ones intrested.

i know this forum is not the right place to discuss stuff that happens on other boards ( although i do feel so if related to tetration ).

as for my 2 sinh method i rather see it on the official wiki , which is being blocked as you know and that is unfortunately beyond your powers.

i recall reading stuff elsewhere that is supporting my idea but only statistically ( analytic with prob 1 ) though i forgot where :/


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