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help on writing a paper.
(07/03/2011, 08:21 PM)JmsNxn Wrote:

which is totally paradoxical and seems to contradict foundations; if anyone has some light to shed on why this converges I'd love to hear it. I just want to put my name on it quick if it turns out to be anything real serious. The thread is here if you're interested:

Um, didnt I show in the original thread that the right side has infinite convergence radius? As well as the left side can not be equal to the right side, because the left has a singularity at 0 and the right is a powerseries development at 0.

Regarding writing articles:
Well, writing papers is a hard business, as long as you want it accepted by peer reviewed journals. Though one could start with student-level journals like mathematical gazette, fibonacci quarterly, or American mathematical monthly.

The arxiv on the other hand is not peer-reviewed, so the credibility of articles there is only slightly higher than you would publish it on your home page.

As to the specific question: I am not an endorser on arxiv, so can not help you in this matter.

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