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My Introduction
Hello all,

I am a second semester graduate student in math at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette - but basically second year because I was taking graduate courses in my final semester of undergrad, so this is my 3rd semester of graduate courses now.

I know most of you are probably more well-versed in tetration than I am, but tetration and zeration have been sort of "back burner" things for me I've liked to learn for awhile, and I hope to eventually do my dissertation in something related to this if possible. I passed 2 comprehensive exams (in Topology and Abstract Algebra) a few weeks ago, and next year around the same time I will take (and probably pass) 2 more (in Complex Analysis and ODE). I have already had some undergrad experience in those areas of course - and also in Real Analysis, for which I will be taking the course in 2012-2013, meaning I might take the comprehensive exam about 2 years from now.

I'm unsure yet if my focus on tetration and zeration will be more algebraic or analytical... probably it will be a mixture of both. I had planned to read through all these forums posts this past summer, but I got busy (and perhaps lazy too), so I've only glanced at a few posts so far. Part of the reason I'm finally making an Introduction post is so that I'm more likely to actually get around to looking through it all this semester. The core of whatever research I do won't start until next year around this time, but I'd really like to familiarize myself this year with the understanding in the area so far.

So yeah... that's my introduction. And speaking of Complex Analysis, I have to run there now. Smile

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