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My Introduction
Progress Report:

I devoted some time this weekend reading the Tetration Wiki pages and glancing over the less-used subforums here (Resources & Wiki, About the Forum, Community) before getting into the nitty-gritty of everything. During this time, I bookmarked various FAQ and reference attachments (and a couple off-site things) which will be the next things I'll look at. After I finish a good reading of those things I bookmarked (not sure when that will be), I'll actually start reading the posts in the forums that have the bulk of the mathematical material (Mathematical and General Discussion and Computation). Maybe I'll take notes of what interests me and what ideas I have as I go through. Once I'm done, hopefully I'll have retained enough of an understanding that I can actually be a contributing member of this forum and attempt some research in the topic.

Actually, I probably could contribute right now, but I just don't want to be the guy who brings something up that has been established or refuted a hundred times before. I'd rather get an idea of what all has been discussed first.

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