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Introducing myself ...
Hmmm, thanks - this of course helps - because I know now that my attempt was dead-end.
I'll try again to understand how this Riemann mapping works... because for now I don't know how it works, of course I can use ready formula - but this is not my way. I don't like using something that I don't understand.

Of course if You can point me to any source from where I can start trying to understand Riemann mapping - I've read wikipedia of course, but maybe I'm too "weka" to understand how to apply it to tetration.

Aditional question - are these A_n coefficients that I already computed useful for anything, or should I start from really beginning? Maybe I just need some kind of "transformation" of some terms in my formula?

Hmm I don't really know even how to ask for this what I want.
Ideal would be some kind of just explaination how to make Riemann mapping for let's say beginner - of course if anybody wants to help me with it.

Big thanks and happy christmas and new year for all

BTW: after reading this:
All is clear until post #18 - I'm exactly on that point:
mike3: "Now all we need is some way to express the Riemann mapping"
I have no proble with bell polynomials, determinant, matrices, fixed points for any base, periods, etc - all steps which made final expression for a_n (post #17) is clear for me, but I thought initially that this is the end - that this will give me final method for approximation, but now seems that I'm on half-way at max.

Updated 1st post, added few new progs - but no real progress in tetration so far.
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