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Hello, members.

My name is (as you see) Balarka, I am a 13 years old student and currently reading on 8-th grade. I am highly interested in Analytic Number Theory and recently reading about the hyperoperators. I currently know everything up to calcIII (I think...) and some tools to completely understand number theory and analytical number theory like group theory, field theory, etc. I am not a professional/expert mathematician so I may not understand everything the members write here. I joined this forum because I have some questions about the extensions of the 4-th hyper operator. I have followed the whole proof of Bohr-Mollerups theorem and know that we don't have such things for the extension of tetration to complex numbers(or even in Reals...). I hope I can have satisfactory answers from the experts here, in tetration forum and maybe someday able to contribute something too.

My primary language is not english so please accept my apologies for any grammatical error.


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