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Hello hixidom -

(03/03/2014, 09:13 AM)hixidom Wrote: Hello.

I am a graduate student working toward my PhD in Physics. Aside from physics, I enjoy programming, camping, and parkour (though I don't have much time for the last 2 activities these days).

"Parkour" - is that this climbing through streets and garages et al about what my doughter has told me some years ago? Seems a pretty wild, nice hobby... :-)

(03/03/2014, 09:13 AM)hixidom Wrote: (...)
Sorry for the long introduction. I look forward to interesting discussions on this forum in the future, and I look forward to better getting to know the community here.


I like your "long" introduction much. It allows to have an imagination of some person instead of an avatar. So for my part here, stay to be as explanative as shown here.
1) there are not many threads here which do an explicite conclusion (for instance usable as compressed overview over the basic idea, its main techniques, main results (and main limits/pertainingproblems)) of the plentiness of here presented proposals
2) my own investigative power has reduced much in the few recent years so I'll have difficulties to even improve my own overviews/conclusions (which were always meant to serve as most-possible self-contained treatizes to invite and make the reader curious....)

In shorter words - as you go through the material here and scan the discussion and their (even if only partial) results: why not make notes in that process and help the tetration-forum later with summaries from these? (Just some vague idea... :-) )

All in all - welcome here and thanks for the introduction -

Gottfried Helms, Kassel

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