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Searching for an asymptotic to exp[0.5]
(05/10/2014, 12:14 PM)sheldonison Wrote: One obvious questions from the Taylor series result, that I can't answer, because I have no idea how fast these functions grow as x goes to infinity, relative to exponentiaton. What is the "growth" of a functions like these, which should grow slower than exponentiation, but faster than any polynomial?

Wow -- both of these functions grow exactly exponentially, where growth is defined as slog(f^n)/n.

The first function is

But If my math is correct then iterating f is the same as iterating , which is ..... the same as iterating an exponential!!!

The second function is

Ok, the second function is a little more complicated, but if my math is correct, it is going to be the same as iterating , which .... drumroll ... is also exponential growth!

So, half exponential functions, especially the Taylor series of entire versions of half exponential functions need more study... Lets conjecture that I have a constructive definition of an entire half exponential Taylor series, for which I haven't given all of the details, but I have a pari-gp program. Then the Taylor series coefficients must eventually grow slower than all of these entire functions with exponential growth.... really interesting!!!
- Sheldon


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