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Negative, Fractional, and Complex Hyperoperations
Is there a way to continue the patterns we see within the natural numbers of current hyper-operations (Hyper-1, Hyper-2, Hyper-3, Hyper-4, ect...) or at least prove that we cannot extend the value of the operation to fractional numbers? E.g. Hyper-1/2. Negative numbers? E.g. Hyper-(-2) Or even imaginary numbers? E.g. Hyper-3i.
They need not be defined, but are these operations technically there, just without practical use? Or are our names for the hyper-operations strictly for listing and naming purposes, with no way to derive meaning from such a number?
Could a fractional, or negative hyper-operation represent an operator we have already defined? E.g. Hyper-(-2)= Division, or Hyper-1/2 = Division?
Comments on the controversy of Zeration are also encouraged.

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Negative, Fractional, and Complex Hyperoperations - by KingDevyn - 05/30/2014, 06:58 AM

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