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About " computation "
Hi guys.

I want to thank you all for your contributions at the forum.

But one thing frustrates me.

The " computation " section.

Im not so good with code.

And that bugs me.

That way there are things I do not understand.

I prefer math notation.

However I see the value of those posts and I understand that we want to plot and compute what we talk about.

Although I had some experience with math programs , such as maple , I still find myself puzzled by code or pseudocode.

I think many of you here studied computer science or such.

I have very little time although I post here regularly.
I doubt if I can learn and understand these codes in a short amount of time.

But its not just the code that bothers me.

Its the frustration that I cannot see the math behind it , because its not in math notation.

Im not sure how complex or Original the math behind the ideas is , but I do not like to miss out on it.

Also , Im not even sure how to use those code things.

What is this " pseudocode " actually ?

Is it a sort of generalized language such that you can write the code for your program yourself ( C+ , mathematica , maple , sage , ... ) ?

Im not sure for what programs those " pseudocodes " can be used.

Maybe I neglected computer science to much.

Maybe I have trouble with the code because Im not one of the first members.

I wish I could contribute more to the computation section.




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