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Attempt to find a limit point but each step needs doubling the precision...
Dear Gottfried,

Its not completely clear to me what you are asking.

Maybe if I read it again , but its been a while since I considered base sqrt(2) tetration.

Maybe a few links will help.
( such as where this digital (freely available ?) paper occured , and which posts you are referring too )

Also perhaps express the problem in notation we all use here ( " standard notation ... at this forum " ) such as slog and sexp ?

If I find the time to read carefully and understand the OP I guess I will remove this post ... on the other hand these suggestions might improve readability.

I assume its a good question , and I like limits.

However some limits like the Paris constant are not expressible in closed form.

But once the question is clear to me , I will give it serious consideration.


EDIT : in particular your picture shows smooth curves , where is this jump point you talk about ??
I cant see it !



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