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Currently we have two non-consolidated nor finished FAQ's.
But thats better than having none at all Smile
And here they are:

Robbins' Tetration FAQ 20080112
Trappmann's Tetration FAQ 20070809
In accordance with my suggestion here that we use "tetration-(faq|ref)-YYYYMMDD" as filenames for the FAQ/Reference, I have updated and combined the FAQ-like questions from the Ref into the real FAQ (and out of the Ref), both of which are starting to look pretty good. Thats about it. Here you go!

Andrew Robbins

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You can find an overview of methods for non-integer tetration at
this wikipedia page (quick shot with some direct formulas but no embedding information)
and in
this overview paper (unfinished work in progress, last updated 28th June 2010)
(06/13/2010, 06:13 AM)bo198214 Wrote: and in
this overview paper (unfinished work in progress, last updated 28th June 2010)

In that version my Acrobat-version detects an error. The table of the (elementary?) superfunctions (page 4) cannot be displayed.

Gottfried Helms, Kassel

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