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Does tetration take the right half plane to itself?
Hello James,

Presumably, what you're interested in is the details of the proof sketch in my two answers. Read the answer beginning with, "This answer is an attempt to explain lemma1. Why is ..."  I will send you an email with a repeat of my private message sent Friday/today and then you can contact me and we can talk off line.  Basically, h2 is the first approximation of the Schroder function.  And h2 is fully monotonic.  Then we show the h_m sequence is also fully monotonoic.  And then we make the convergence rate of the h_m sequence more rigorous (lemma5) to show the h_m sequence converges to h(z), the Schroder function.  There are some more steps.  But I think its good.  As I said, feel free to contact me offline.
- Sheldon

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RE: Does tetration take the right half plane to itself? - by sheldonison - 05/15/2017, 08:16 PM

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