New Quantum Algorithms (Carleman linearization) Finally Crack Nonlinear Equations
Carleman  matrices used for non-linear equations.
Quantum math stuff is really cool ... Thanks for posting.  I think the technology side is just getting to the point where we have "interesting" sized quantum qubit computers of small sizes, I think 50-100 qubits now???  Possibly growing to 1000 qubits in the few years; much of the extra bits apparently required for quantum error correction...

Anyway, yeah, it seems like quantum math would be a way to solve a pseudo linear equation solution with higher order terms that become unimportant as the system converges, instead of linear terms.  Just spouting of the top of my head here.
- Sheldon
Going on the realm of science fiction, sometimes I think that if we were living in a simulation, the universe CPU would have limited computing power, and the quantum weirdness could be a way to save computing resources: Nothing is calculated until needed.

For example, the position of a particle is not calculated until it is observed.

But if we force the CPU to do the calculations, by making a quantum computer, then it would consume the limited CPU resources, and those would be detracted from the surroundings, as if the universe had a law of conservation of computing power/memory/resources.

So running a quantum computer could cause local effects like slowing down time around the computer, similar to how under relativity, mass slows down time on his neighborhood, as if mass were consuming the local computing power.

So I'm just waiting until practical quantum computers are made, and it is discovered that running them slows down time around.
I have the result, but I do not yet know how to get it.

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