How fast does [Image: png.image?\dpi%7B110%7D%20\text%7Bslog%7D(x\upar...\uparrow2)] grow, with a base of slog greater than eta?
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I was going to say this is another dumb thread, but Tommy could probably back me in saying.... polynomially? At most it grows exponentially...

I honestly don't know. We don't know everything Catullus. But just by deduction:

\text{slog}(x \uparrow \uparrow 2) \le \text{slog}(x) + C + 1\\
\text{slog}(x\uparrow \uparrow x) \le \text{slog}(x) + x + C + 1\\

I'd bet you can bound it by at least \(O(x^2)\). But other than that, I don't know. Don't think any one knows. If you could prove it you could probably prove something worthy of the Field's medal, lmao.

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