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Attempt to formally generalize log, exp functions to 3,4,5..(n,m) log exp
bo198214 Wrote:Sorry, but I dont see any meaning for hyper operations in defining a fucked up function that is so crude that you can not define them on the reals.

Well I found a popular citation that expresses my thoughts rather well and perhaps is more authoritative. From my point of view, given the fast divergent nature of hyperoperations, there can not be a better place to use smaller infinitesimals than used in normal calculus than hyperoperations.

Quote:According to Kruskal, these problems could disappear if
theorists use infinitesimals, numbers smaller than any imaginable
positive real numbers. A series that involves such numbers can
be prevented from diverging essentially because infinitesimals
are so small that they "mop up" any tendency a series might
have to zoom off to infinity. "The surreals give us a way of
working with infinitesimals, and thus perhaps of working with
divergent series," says Kruskal. Divergent integrals, another
common bugbear in theoretical physics, may also bow to the
surreal approach.


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