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Superlog with exact coefficients
andydude Wrote:This means that which relates back to the super-logarithm as follows:

Hmm, at least it looks somehow similar to the "regular"-formula.
If I replace a by u, and introduce t for exp(u) so that


and factorize the denominators differently, for instance

to get a more familiar looking formula for me, this is then, using "rsdxplog" as rslog for the dxp-function:

where especially the denominators-products are the same as in my Ut-formulae, and also the numerators look very familiar. I'll see, whether we have the same coefficients later today.

I had the rsdxplog as logarithm of the Schroeder-function, assuming x' as h'th (continuous) iteration of

where I got the coefficients of the sigma-function by the eigenmatrices of Ut - and the structure of these coefficients look very similar to yours above

Gottfried Helms, Kassel

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Superlog with exact coefficients - by andydude - 06/11/2008, 05:46 AM
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